November 24, 2009

Video Lectures for Students studying Mathematics, Sciences, and Computer Programming


Educator is a pioneering venture aimed at equalizing education by assembling the best teachers in the country and making their lectures affordable to everyone. Educator cover high school and university topics in mathematics, science, and computer programming.

Scholastic Lecture Video Archive
- Most comprehensive math and science content on the web
- Innovative lecture presentation whiteboard
- Ability to pinpoint exactly where your subject of interest is explained
- Unlimited access to all courses

Mathematics : 34 courses available
Chemistry : 22 courses available
Physics : 30 courses available
Biology : 12 courses available
Computer Science : 11 courses available

The Educator experience is designed to provide you with everything you need to succeed in your courses. The customized interface creates a one-to-one learning environment with the professor while emphasizing graphical explanations and working through solution steps. Below each lecture video are detailed notes which highlight the most important points to remember as well as common student pitfalls. A powerful search engine also locates the exact time in a lecture your problem topic is discussed. Lastly, student comments are moderated by our instructors make sure any questions you have are answered.

Key aspects underlying Educator goals:

For student :
- Ability to pinpoint your problem topic exactly in our videos.
- Multiple examples worked out and explained in each lecture.
- Detailed notes with each lecture.
- Taught by the most effective college professors.
- Interactive student community to answer questions.

For parents :
-Taught by the most effective college professors
- Comprehensive syllabus covers almost all curriculums
- Learn 24/7 in the comfort of your own home
- Unlimited monthly access to all subjects

For Teachers :
- Allows students to learn at home
- Self-paced learning with no peer pressure or fear of failure
- Frees up classroom teaching time for insightful questions
- Comprehensive syllabus covers almost all curriculums
- School/District packages available.

Get full access to Educator Online science & math courses.



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